These are the researchers responsible for content curation.

Fê Carvalho Leite

Fê is a researcher, graduated in Public Relations from PUCRS and with an MBA in Strategy and Consumer Sciences at ESPM/RJ.

As a collaborator of several research institutes in Brazil, she has worked for Coca-Cola, Nike, L’Oréal, Heineken, Farm, Nestlé and other large clients.

In Rio de Janeiro, she taught qualitative research and coolhunting at ESPM and IED. Fê was also a speaker at TEDxPuc-Rio presenting the authorial study “Rolé Jovem: a look at the young people from Rio de Janeiro.”

Currently in Porto Alegre, she is dedicated to Lupa l Códigos Culturais (Cultural Codes), a qualitative research and audiovisual production collective of which she is a partner. Fê is taking a specialization course in Audiovisual and Media Convergence at Unisinos and continues to share her ideas and views through lectures, classes and content for brands.

Fernanda Maia

Fernanda is an Architect and Urbanist graduated from UFRJ.

Based in Rio de Janeiro, she made a professional transition after a postgraduate degree in Research on Trends in Behavior and Consumer Anthropology.

In 2011, she started her career as a researcher and cultural analyst in innovation agencies and qualitative research institutes in projects in different segments such as food, entertainment, information, fashion and beauty.

Since 2016 she has deepened her studies in Futures Research and concluded a Certification in Strategic Foresight. This field seeks to use a transversal and systemic look to anticipate, accelerate, and influence preferred futures.

She maintains a relationship between the market and the academy where her areas of interest are sociology of food and the environment, consumption, and food activism in addition to the politicization of consumption and everyday life.

Marina Pagel Ferreira

Marina is a cultural analyst, trend researcher, and creative strategist based in Sydney.

Passionate about understanding the social and cultural changes that are transforming consumers’ lifestyles and desires, Marina is a specialist in translating these dynamics into actionable recommendations for companies.

Graduated in advertising, post-graduated in innovation and entrepreneurship strategies from IED Barcelona and a specialist in coolhunting from Central Saint Martins, Marina has developed projects in several segments, including fashion, beauty, food and drink, entertainment, education and the environment, working with companies and brands such as L’Oréal, Mintel, Heineken, RedBull, Globo, Melissa, Farm, Box 1824, TAGMAG, Seaside Scavenge, among others.

Besides that, Marina has participated as a conversation mediator and speaker at several events, including the WHOW! Festival, Pechakucha, and FISA (Food Ingredients South America), talking about consumer behavior and consumption trends.

Suellen Dantas

Suellen is a strategist with over ten years of experience in analyzing trends and generating insights.

At the moment based in Sydney, she has a degree in Marketing from the Methodist University of São Paulo with a Master’s in Brand Management from the Business School of São Paulo (BSP).

Always looking for relevant signs and trends, she uses them as a basis for planning and creative work on different projects.

Her passion for the strategic use of data to inform creativity and drive innovation extends beyond digital analysis, including broader, quantitative and qualitative rich data sets, with associated tools and techniques.