Tasmanian government distributes travel vouchers for domestic tourism

Performed by: Tasmanian government

Country: Australia

In Australia, Tasmania has imposed, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, major restrictions on the entry of people to the island, affecting one of the main economies in the region: tourism.

Thus, the local government developed a plan, called “Make Yourself at Home”, to encourage local tourism. As part of the plan, one of the initiatives, announced in August 2020, was to distribute travel vouchers to the population.

Through the program’s website, Tasmanians could register as single adults or as a couple, or as a family, to obtain discount vouchers for accommodation and/or tourist experiences. The distribution of the vouchers, which started on September 7, reached its maximum capacity in less than 40 minutes.

According to the Tasmanian government, the costs of the initiative are $ 7.5 million.