Store promises refund of more than US $600 to buyers who catch Covid-19 within 24 hours of purchase

Performed by: Nandilath G-Mart

Country: India

In India, appliance store Nandilath G-Mart sought to attract consumers back to the physical stores by promising a refund of 50,000 Indian Rupees (the equivalent of about 600 American dollars), if the buyer tests positive for the coronavirus within 24 hours after purchase.

The offer, valid from August 15 to 30, generated an increase in the number of buyers, but also contrary reactions. A lawyer appealed to the government against the promotion, claiming that it was illegal and could attract people with Covid-19 to shop at the store, hiding their health conditions and subsequently asking for a refund.

In July 2020, Emirates adopted a similar measure, offering payment of medical expenses to passengers diagnosed with Covid-19 after traveling with the company.