Reimagining marketing – Marketing in the next normal by McKinsey & Company

Company: McKinsey & Company

Content in: English

In July 2020, McKinsey & Company consultancy published the report “Reimagining marketing – Marketing in the next normal”, a compilation of articles that seek to clarify Covid-19 pandemic’s implications for the marketing function and to provide a perspective on how companies can drive the right set of actions to emerge stronger.

According to the company, “the human tragedy of Covid-19 has upended lives and livelihoods around the world. A generation-defining event, it has also upset the economic order and had a dramatic effect on consumer behavior, from how we work and communicate to how we shop and what we buy. For businesses, these changes are rewriting the rules for years to come and they represent a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for marketers to reset the gameboard.”

The consultancy points out five dimensions that companies can follow to accelerate their recovery and drive growth to the next normal. They are:
– Purpose-led;
– Fast and agile;
– Digital-accelerated;
– Hyperlocal and personalized;
– Self-funded.