Jägermeister launches #SAVETHENIGHT platform to help professionals who depend on bars and clubs closed due to the pandemic

Performed by: Jägermeister

Country: Global

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept people at home and away from bars and clubs, making it difficult for professionals who depend on these places to carry out their work activities. With that in mind, in May 2020, Jägermeister launched the #SAVETHENIGHT online booking platform that connects artists, bartenders and other night professionals from around the world to the public at home.

In the platform’s Meister Drop-Ins session, people can book DJs, dancers, mixologists, magicians, etc., to participate in their virtual parties via Skype, Zoom or Houseparty for free.

To reserve a ‘Meister’ to attend the meeting, people need to visit the website and select the artist or specialist of their choice. It is possible to view the profiles of each ‘Meister’, which includes the professional’s biography and what to expect from the session (in the case of cocktail classes, its also possible to see what you need to buy in advance). Users can then select their preferred session and enter their name, email, the link to the virtual session and the meeting password, if any.

Jägermeister is paying each Meister for the virtual appearance, and when the 20-30 minute sessions are completed, the party organizer is invited to offer a contribution via PayPal.

The brand plans to launch further activations on its #SAVETHENIGHT platform, including a series of masterclasses.