Project Post Quarantine invites people to self-reflect during the pandemic by writing letters to themselves in the post-quarantine

Performed by: Nikky Lyle, Em Williams e Claire Medcalf

Country: UK

Post Quarantine is a project developed by creative professionals Nikky Lyle, Em Williams and Claire Medcalf which invites people to reflect on how they felt during the Coronavirus pandemic by writing letters to themselves in the future, after the quarantine ended.

Launched in April 2020, the project has an Instagram page, where letters received are posted. However, the plan is to bring the writers together with their letters in a big post-quarantine exhibition party, when everyone can get together again.

Post Quarantine starts from the premise that “writing is one of the most helpful things you can do during a time of stress. The slower pace of putting pen to paper allows you to order your thoughts and find some clarity. So what better time to write than during a global pandemic? Yeah, exactly.”