Nightclub in Germany promotes ‘rave drive-in’ during the pandemic

Performed by: Index

Country: Germany

Seeking to adapt to the social distance measures imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, since late April 2020 the German nightclub Index has been conducting drive-in raves, where people can enjoy DJ shows from inside their own cars.

The club set up a stage, complete sound system and lighting equipment in its parking lot, allowing 250 cars to participate in the parties, called ‘Autodisco’. To ensure that the distance rules are observed, there is no possibility to leave before the end of the event.

According to the nightclub, getting out of the vehicle is only allowed in an emergency. That is, bathrooms can only be used as a last resort and only with a mask on. In addition, the nightclub recommends that participants bring their own drinks and snacks from home, since, for now, these items are not sold during the event.