The heart of resilient leadership responding to Covid-19 by Deloitte

Company: Deloitte

Content in: English

Since March 2020, consulting company Deloitte has made available a series of reports and tools to help businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the consultancy, companies should consider the following phases: Respond, Recover, Thrive – to face the crisis generated by the Coronavirus.

The first of these materials, referring to the “Respond” phase is the report “The heart of resilient leadership responding to Covid-19”, which brings resources to help leaders to prepare and manage the continuity of activities during the pandemic.

The report is complemented by the article “The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to Covid-19 – A guide for senior executives” that addresses the five fundamental qualities of resilient leadership and the steps that can help organisations blunt the crisis’s impact and enable it to emerge stronger.

As for the “Recover” phase, the company launched specific materials for different areas, including the workforce, consumers and others.

All materials are available on the “Resources for resilient leadership” page on the Deloitte website.